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Δ Status

The status of a property determines the current condition of it on the software. Changing the status of the property will also change your monthly billing and the gateways publication.

To find your way through the various proposed status, follow the described points above:

The property is not published yet.. This can be a useful time to collect the different elements of your ad and prepare it before it is published on the gateways.

You launch the publication of your ad on the selected gateways. This is the point when you will start being charged.

Active but not visible:
Your publication is not visible on any portal but you can create a ‘’matching’ for a mailing action for the property. Billing begins.

Briefly, your property will not be visible on Customers who have registered an alert with similar criteria that match the property will be informed via notifications. Just like the Active status, this point is also chargeable.

Your property is removed from the portals of publication and is inactive in our system. This is the point where the charging stops.

Your property is no longer visible or was removed from different gateways. Charging thus stop.

This status is usually chosen for your promotion when all the properties are booked until the end of construction.
It means the ad is removed for different gateways and the charging stops.

Our suggestion:

To keep a history of your sales and access it in the future, we recommend you to select the status “sold” when the sale was finalized by your agency. For others actions simply choose “non-active” status when you just want to stop the publication of your property.

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