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Search criteria:

From this category, you can create email alerts for your clients by saving the search criteria.



* Please check the type of property desired:


* Select the type of transaction

* Enter the price range and the currency

* Enter the minimum and maximum number of rooms

* Enter the minimum and maximum surface area

* If you want to add a memo, you can do it from the “note” tab


* Enter the country, the postal code, the desired location and select the radius in which you want to expand your search.

Be sure that the postal code and location are listed on:

It is possible to create more alerts by registering various localities and rays.

* Do not forget to click on

Interested in

* Using the dropdown menu, select from your list of properties those that meet (s) the more the desired criteria.

* Do not forget to click after each selection.

Please note that your properties previously saved and meet customer search criteria will be automatically selected and displayed.

* Finalize by clicking on

* To create a new registration criteria, click

* To cancel the operation, click on

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