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Δ Portals synchronization

Submitting your ads on real estate portals is done via a data transfer file.

This file has been created by common consent with all swiss portals.

It includes all data (price, area, property type …) that we are authorized to send to the gateways.

For your information, the synchronization of ads occurs at different times in different portals.

Below you will find the hours that the data is transferred on the portals (hours can change):

Immoscout24: 6h10, 13h10, 18h10, 23h10

Immostreet: 2h20, 13h20, 18h20, 20h20

Homegate: 2h30, 11h30, 18h30

Petitesannonces: 3h00, 18h00

Acheter-Louer: once a day between 2 and 5 am 13h10

Urban Home: 9h00, 12h00, 15h00, 18h00, 24h00

Mitula: 10h45, 16h45, 21h45

Comparis: 0h50, 12h50, 18h50

Lead Galaxy: 12h30, 19h30

Trovit: 22h20

Immowelt: 11h54, 18h54, 21h54

International: 2h00, 10h00, 13h00, 18h00

Newhome: 7h00, 10h00, 13h00, 16h00, 18h00

Immoving: 8h00/9h00

It is possible to follow the evolution of the file's dispatch on different bridges.

For this, first go to the “Bridges”, then under each portal, you will see a colored arrow.

: Your ad's change request is being transmitted to the portal

: Your ad has been sent to the portal

: Your ad's removal request has been sent to portal

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