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The registered properties already on your account are displayed on the screen.

* You can filter your search by specifying the reference of the property or its location and click

* For a more detailed search click on . For more details regarding the advanced research, click here.

* To cancel your selected filters, click the button provided for this purpose

* Scroll through the pages to find your property

* To delete one or more properties, check the white box on the left of your property and click “delete”:

* To register a new property, click

* To generate an automatic emails for your property select it by clicking and after click on

* To create a PDF list of you’re previously searched properties through the “Advanced Search” click:

* To create a PDF of a property, select it by clicking:

* You can make a list of potential customers which search criteria correspond with this property. Just click on the symbol “matching”:

* To quickly change the status of your property, scroll the drop down menu and select the desired one.

* Here you will find some information regarding your property.

* To access the details of your already registered property and to apply some changes, click on the button ‘’Edit’’:

* The “duplicate” tab can be useful when you create several lots of the same promotion. This allows you to copy the existing ad and change some aspects. For this, click

Note: when you use the function duplicate, do not change the “type” and the “subtype”

* For direct access to the property images, click '’edit images”:

Notes for the agencies that have a website hosted on our server

“Views” indicates the total number of times your listing has been viewed on your website.
“PDF” indicates the total number of PDF requests on your site.

Notes related to the properties on

“Justimmo Views” indicates the number of times your ad was consulted on
“Justimmo PDF” indicates the total number of PDF’s requested by visitors from

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