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All properties registered on your account and the bridges on which you have published them.

* You can filter your search by indicating the reference number of a property or its location and click on:

* For a more advanced search click on . For more details regarding the advanced search, click here.

* To cancel your selected filters, click the button provided for this purpose

* The list of bridges will be displayed and the number of properties published on each is indicated in parentheses.

To see only the properties published on a specific bridge select the box related to it.

Or you can choose to display only the paid or the free portals by clicking on the relevant button.

In order to use an undisplayed bridge, select it from the bottom search bar and it will appear.

* To send or delete a property from one of the bridges, simply check or uncheck the corresponding box:

NOTE: For an explanation of each of the colored arrows and the synchronization schedules, click here.

* Be sure to confirm by clicking button

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