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We developed a new advertising service to promote your property on Google (Google adwords) and social networks (facebook …).
Advertising on Google Adwords and Facebook is very effective. You can post your ads directly on selected people timeline and choose your audience by age, interests, etc… An important element in advertising is the image of your property. It should be juicy, bright and eye-catching…

Please note that this service will be charged in addition to the budget you decide to allocate your campaign.

Access the menu “Properties” then the submenu “Advertising”


* Name your campaign. The campaign name will be only visible on the website and not be shared on other networks:

* Enter the language in which you want to promote your property:

* Enter the country in which you want to promote your property:

* Enter the areas which appear appropriate to you in promoting your property:

* If the address is not already registered please fill in:

* Select the start and the end end date of the campaign:

* Set a calendar date for your campaign by using the drop down menu:

After that select the timetable:

* Do not forget to save by clicking on

Note : You can add diferent time schedules for the selected days.

* After a new entry, the schedule list will be displayed:

* Set a daily budget and a total:

Campaign parameters

* Identify the strengths of your property (eg swimming pool, garage, terrace …) in the “description”:

Note: The more the sentences are short and right on subject, the greater will be the impact on the networks (keep in mind the example of a motto).

* Select the images that represents the best your property (a good resolution is required):

* After each time you add a picture, click

* Choose what URL you want to promote on the networks. Note: Using your own URL will generate an additional cost of 5 CHF.

* Fill a list of keywords characteristics of your property:

* Be sure to complete your order by clicking on

* To cancel the operation, click

Your order is now registered. You will receive a confirmation email with the details and the price.

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