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Δ Advanced Search

When you want to substantiate your research and target more precisely the right information, you can make an “Advanced Search”.

Here is a list of the different filters that you can apply to the menu “properties”:

Reference: by the property designation that was assigned automatically by the system or you have chosen by yourself

Categories: by type of property in which you have classified your property. You should select the drop-down menu.

Transaction: by transaction type “sale” or “for rent”.

Zip, City: postal code and location.

Status: by the current status of your publications

Country: by country.

Price from/Price to: by price with a specifying range.

Currency price: by type of currency.

Agent: by agent.

Rooms from/Rooms to: by number of rooms.

Surface from/Surface to: by m2 surface.

Address: by postal address.

Concerning the list of filters available for the “customers” or “landlords”

Name, e-mail or company: by client name or email.

Status: to show only customers related to a specific status.

Phone, mobile, Fax: By details.

Type: by type of customer.

The other criteria have already been explained above.

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